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What is an example of non convex cone

4 Answers4 Show activity on this post The union of the 1st and the 3rd quadrants is a cone but not convex the 1st quadrant itself is a convex cone Show activity on this post For example the graph of y = x is a cone that is not convex however the locus of points

On cone metric spaces A survey

Apr 01 2011  Let X d be a complete cone metric space over a normal solid cone Suppose the mapping f X → X is a quasi contraction Then f has a unique fixed point in X and for any x ∈ X iterative sequence f n x converges to the fixed point Theorem 5.7 Let X d be a complete cone metric space over a normal


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Cone metric spaces and fixed point theorems of contractive mappings

Aug 15 2007  Theorem 1 Let X d be a complete cone metric space P be a normal cone with normal constant K Suppose the mapping T X → X satisfies the contractive condition d Tx Ty lessorequalslantkd x y for all x y ∈ X where k ∈ 0 1 is a constant Then T has a unique fixed point in X.

Some results in cone metric spaces with applications in

The self mappings satisfying implicit relations were introduced in a previous study Popa Fixed point theorems for implicit contractive mappings Stud Cerc St Ser Mat Univ Bacău 7 1997 129–133 In this study we introduce self operators satisfying an ordered implicit relation and hence obtain their fixed points in the cone metric space under some additional conditions We

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Common fixed point theorems on quasi cone metric space over a

Jun 24 2021  Cho S H Fixed point theorems in complete cone metric spaces over Banach algebras J Funct Spaces 2018 Article ID 9395057 2018 MathSciNet MATH Google Scholar Huang H P Radenović S Some fixed point results of generalized Lipschitz mappings on cone b metric spaces over Banach algebras J.

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Some fixed point results in fuzzy cone normed linear space

Nov 19 2019  So X N c ∗ is an l fuzzy complete fuzzy cone normed linear space Some fixed point theorems In this section Banach Kannan and Chatterjee type fixed point theorems are established in fuzzy setting.


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Some Coupled Fixed Point Theorems in Cone Metric Spaces

Oct 08 2009  In this case and are both coupled fixed points of and hence the coupled fixed point of is not unique This shows that the condition in corollary 2.12 and hence in Theorem 2.2 are optimal conditions for the uniqueness of the coupled fixed point. Theorem 2.5 Let be a complete cone metric space Suppose that the mapping satisfies the following contractive condition for all

Some fixed point theorems on cone 2 metric spaces over

Jun 13 2018  Abstract In this paper cone 2 metric space over Banach algebra are introduced as a generalization of cone metric space and many of their generalizations In addition some fixed point theorems are proved As an application of one of the main results an example is given to support the validity of the obtained result.

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Existence and Uniqueness Results of Second Order

Feb 18 2021  In this paper we investigate the existence and uniqueness results for summation–difference type equations in cone metric spaces The results are obtained by using some extensions of Banach's contraction principle in a complete cone metric space.

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